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Does Your Home/Office Decor Tell a Story ?

vintage home decor interior design

Your Vintage Accessories are the Soul of the Room

“When Originality and Authenticity matters”

It is often said that your home’s personality tells a story about You. And this story is derived off passions, behavior, and possessions. If you don’t think people get an immediate impression of you the minute they walk into your home, office or even car, you are “missing the boat”.

What makes your home uniquely your own home are the things you have in it. Showcase your personal possessions to reveal your personality, adventures, and achievements.  Mix your accessories with new and old. We all have a past, present and a future and these are all a part of our personal histories.

“Accessories are where I like to make a statement. They’re the soul of a room.” 

Accessories are a great way to tie in all decor together. They can pull all the pieces together to give your space a finished look. Accessorizing is another way to add a personal touch to your space as they often tell a story of where you have been and where your interests lie. If you are too timid to go for large amounts permanent bold color, patterns or decor in your home, you can still create a colorful atmosphere with the accessories you choose.

Take a look at our featured example above.  A TV or entertainment room with choice vintage movie posters that dominate the room.   Note in particular how the color collaboration between the walls, furniture and posters brings the room to life.  Such as, the sofa dark blues and the dark blue fighter Jets and Pilot in the Ronald Reagan 1941 movie poster “International Squadron”?  

How would Navy fighter Pilot Ronald Reagan look in your home or office?

Or, more daring folks like to intentionally clash colors to make a bold, unforgettable impression.  As does the bright reds in the Elvis classic movie poster one sheet “Jailhouse Rock”.   Of course you could always add red pillows or red books and Elvis would be “King”, again!     There is something for everyone’s unique personality…

Vintage Décor Ideas of the week:

  • Late 19th Century Circus poster in the family or entertainment room
  • Vintage western movie poster to compliment or illuminate the natural walls of a log home
  • Create a 1960s atmosphere with a 1960 Sport Card bubble gum machine or classic TV memorabilia on the shelves or wall of Your “special” room.

The look and feel of a home or office has its own personality. And like a human it will clash with some people and invigorate others. Like 99% of everything in life, its subjective.

Whether it is your fine art, vintage poster or historic photography collection you can bet it tells a story about you.

So, what’s your story?

Over the past 20 years I have had countless people ask me about framing, displaying, presenting their valuable vintage treasures.  Hence, Vintage Home Décor was born as a great resource for my valued customers.  Here, about every week I will showcase some of the best examples of homes that have created a unique personality with vintage posters, historic photography and historical artifacts and Americana memorabilia.

Vintage decor can really set the mood whether it be in a TV room,, home theater, living room, home office and yes even the kitchen as you will see in our weekly Home/Office Decor ideas.  So, when Originality and Authenticity matters, we hope you think of us first.    You provide the room, we will provide the rare original vintage assets

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